Vertical flow pack machine

Packing machines: vertical flow pack

The vertical flow pack machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system. The product, through an external dosing system or manually by the operator, fall inside the forming tube and then, through a consent given to the packaging machine, the envelope comes true. Envelopes are made from a reel in flat sheet. These can be “pillow-shape bags” or for “flat bottom”. The package arise from a reel of heat-sealing material, which can be polyethylene, polypropylene or a combination of them.

The “pillows-shape bags” are made from our vertical flow pack machines, and they are characterized by three heat seals: upper horizontal, lower horizontal and vertical. The heat-sealing system installed on our vertical flow pack machines is “l-bar sealers” type, for technical products or metal strap (for the food industry).

The vertical flow pack machine can be inserted inside a complete packaging line.