Supply systems

Power strips and tippers for bins

The main automatic supply systems, used for fuelling products on the vertical flow pack machine, are the belts and the skip hoist.
Feeding belt is an automatic system of products transport.
Feeding belts can be different according to the equipment, with which they must feed the product.
The power supply system are planned according to the packaging needs of the customer.
The feed belts can be combined with the vertical flow pack machine, and they are called: “step-by-step”, “stepless” or “in cups”.
Moreover, in the automatic packaging lines, we can supply feeding belt/belt elevator of the product, which can be combined with weighing systems (like scales), or with production counter systems.
In closing, in the way out of the vertical flow pack machine, we can combined the “conveyor lift machine for finished envelopes”, which permit the transportation of the finished envelopes, facilitating the dumping in bins.

The skip hoist is a power supply system, advisable for the picking up of semifinished products, which are randomly stowed in bins. Tippers respect the recent workplace safety rules (Directive 89/392, Low 626). They are built with high-quality materials and with adequate sizes.