Vertical flow pack machine GFT180A – FOOD CATEGORY

The GFT180A packaging machine is designed to satisfy the most varied packaging needs. It forms larger bags than our GFT120A machine, and the type of packaging is established based on the customer’s needs. Specially designed for food products, the GFT180A packages every type of food quickly and safely. From dairy products to bakery products, from flours to dried pasta. Our machinery is built with sanitisable materials, and on request also entirely in stainless steel or in the inclined version (ideal for fragile products, so as not to break them when falling into the bag). Each machine can be equipped with options such as: printers, labelers, weighing and dosing systems, photocells etc. Furthermore, they can be equipped with customized systems to package particular products such as fourth range, powders, spices, jarred preserves, etc.

  • machine comply with CE safety standards
  • motorized film tow
  • unwinding reel, adjustable orthogonally to the direction of unwinding
  • l-bar sealers system / metal strap
  • management and control of the machine cycle with PLC TOUCH SCREEN
  • pneumatic system of opening / closure of recovery straps
  • set for cut with retractable blade

Depending on the type of product, the vertical packaging machine Mod. GFT180A, can be produced in the following versions:

  • Standard
  • Sloping
  • Stainless steel
Technical data
  • Wrapping material maximum band: 620 mm
  • Film roll maximum diameter: 340 mm
  • Entry product maximum size: 176 mm
  • Package maximum width: 288 mm