Vertical packaging machines, power systems, counting, weighing, printing and accessories, control of the end line, power strips

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Weighing systems

Automatic system feeding the products to the packaging lines

The weighing systems are automatic systems that feed the product in the packaging line, through vibrating channel weigher or multihead weigher.

Vibrating channel weigher

The vibrating channel weigher is an automatic weigher with "vibrating channel" load cell.
It is a power supply system, that accelerates the weighing (automatically) of products to be packaged.

Multihead weigher

The multihead weigher  is a weighing system that uses the average of  many cell (10 or more) belonging to the same scale, to reach the desired weight.
The product to be packaged is divided in the different load cell. When the weight will be the desired one, the load falls into the forming tubes of the vertical flow pack machine. The number of load cell of a multihead weigher is determined according to the type of product and the and the desired packaging speed.
This weighing system allows a high precision weighing and a considerable speed packaging.