Vertical packaging machines, power systems, counting, weighing, printing and accessories, control of the end line, power strips

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Printing systems

Matching the vertical packaging

The printing systems combinable with the vertical flow pack machine, are different, according to the customer printing needs.

Thermal transfer printer

The thermal transfer printer installed on packaging machines, is a ideal solution for the overprint above the packaging  plastic film.
The thermal transfer printer is managed by a electronic unit with a color touch screen display, which allows the visualization of the text you are printing. It is used for codify texts, barcodes, logos and the production batchs.
The thermal transfer printer works with extreme flexibility, speed and high quality.
The setting of the simple texts occurs directly on the keyboard, the creation of texts more complexes occurs through the use of management software that operates on an external PC.
The thermal transfer printer is available in different models, according to the printing needs of the customer.
The thermal transfer printer interfaces with all major programs of labels creation. Printing occurs through ribbon of packed ink.

Foil stamping

The foil stamping is a printing system that can be installed on the vertical flow pack machine.
It realizes clear and indelible prints, without slavering, and dries out on any type of film wrapping. It is useful to apply informations related to the date of packaging or deadline, lot number, or to describe the product. The foil stamping has a type holder where lodge  modular characters or numerators with particular style and form. The print can be in different colors, choosing the ideal pigmented ribbons according to the wrapping material on which the customer wants to print.

Print & apply labelling machine

The print & apply labelling machine is a system that occurs on stationary products in order to guarantee a good pressure  and precision label application. Often the label is in plastic to ensure a better durability and resistance to external agents. In this case are also used the thermal transfer ribbons; it is resistant to scratch, high temperature and solvents.

Ink jet coder

The ink jet coder is designed to print directly on any type of material. It is used for coding and marking of cardboard packaging and other porous and non-porous materials in real time.