Vertical packaging machines, power systems, counting, weighing, printing and accessories, control of the end line, power strips

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Vertical packaging machines, horizontal and sealers

supply systems, weighing, counting, batching and packing lines and end of line complete

G.F.T. Automazioni S.r.l has worked in the packaging sector for many years, planning and producing vertical flow pack machines combined to power supply systems, weighing systems, counting systems, batching systems and packing lines and complete end-of-line plants.

The constant commitment and the continuous updating of production processes, guarantee the highest quality, greatest flexibility and innovation to meet customer needs.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we make our technical expertise in manufacturing available to our customers.

We have found the solution for the packaging of:

  • metal wares (long Screws, short Screws, Bolts, Spikes, Rivets, Washers, Housing, Gears, etc...)
  • kit of small wares (assembly kit composed of: Hinges, Screws, Wall plugs, plumbing Materials, furniture accessories, etc...)
  • spare parts and accessories (electrical Equipment, Connectors, Handles, Bearings, Brass molding, etc...)
  • plastic (Glasses, Cutlery, Slippers, Gadgets, etc...)
  • pharmaceutical (Tubes, Masks, etc...)
  • Food (Pasta, Rice, Candy, Honey, Sugar Sachets, etc..)
  • Other Things (Customized automation for non-standard products)

The union between our wide variety of machines and the experience of our staff, allow us to find the best solution to customer needs.

Our strong point is to be able to guarantee our customers a constant support pre-sale and post-sale.